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Private Trust Foundations

Foundations are based in civil law and are self-governing legal entities. Like a private trust company (PTC), a private trust foundation (PTF) will structure family assets for protection and growth.  It is established for the sole purpose of acting as a trustee of trusts for the benefit of a family.  

A PTF can be used to replace the double structure of PTC and its overlying purpose trust.

Unlike a PTC, a PTF is an ”orphan vehicle”; it does not have any members, shareholders or beneficiaries and is independent of the founder and its officials.

The structure is run by a council, and a guardian is required where there are no beneficiaries or if the beneficiaries have been disenfranchised. The guardian’s role is to enforce the purpose of the foundation.

A PTF does not require a fiduciary licence if is not remunerated for its services as a trustee and it can only act for one family.

Why use a Private Trust Foundation?

  • Simplicity. A PTF is run by a council, just as a company is run by its directors. A Guardian is appointed and can appoint and remove councillors
  • Price. A PTF avoids the complexity and cost required by the double company and trust required for the PTC structure
  • Control. The Guardian’s duty is to the founder to enforce the constitution and purpose of the foundation

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