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Louvre’s Charity Goat is to be Named Vive le Chèvre!

The Louvre Charitable Foundation is to sponsor a goat as part of the charity parade due to take place later this summer. 

Louvre’s goat is to be named Vive le Chèvre, which is French for “long live the goat”. 

Autism Guernsey is organising the Guernsey Goat Parade, in partnership with the Guernsey Adult Literacy Project. In previous years donkey and cow parades have taken place.

The sculptures are life-sized and modelled on the famous  Golden Guernsey breed.  

Louvre’s goat is being designed by Arts for Impact, a local charity that applies creative skills, processes, support and social capital to achieve a societal impact. The goat will be co-designed and collectively decorated by participants of one of their community groups, InShape workshop.    

For many years Louvre has been involved in the Guernsey Yacht Club Autumn Sailing Series, the Castle Swim and previously the Guernsey Swimming Club bay swims, so it made sense for the goat to reflect Louvre’s passion for Guernsey’s sea.

The finished goat will be displayed at La Vallette Bathing Pools. 

Helen Bonner-Morgan, who is the lead artist on the project, said: “The chosen concept is a reflection and response to the site and landscape at La Vallette. Louvre has a strong connection to the area as they have supported the Castle Swim for a number of years and have strong connections to the sea and our beautiful island.”

Matthew Gilligan, Associate Director, Louvre, said:  “We are delighted with our goat’s name and the conceptual design Arts for Impact has created.  It is a great scheme for us with our passion for the sea and we can’t wait to see the finished design.” 


You can find out more about the Guernsey Goat Parade here: