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Louvre to take part in Guernsey’s Goat Parade

The Louvre Group Charitable Foundation will be taking part in Guernsey’s first charitable Goat Parade.

Autism Guernsey, in partnership with the Guernsey Adult Literacy Project, is organising the Guernsey Goat Parade.  Previously, donkey and cow parades have taken place.

The life-sized goats are based on the Guernsey Golden goat breed and will be named and decorated by a variety of businesses on the island.

Autism Guernsey is hoping the parade will be as successful as previous parades such as the donkey one, which took place in 2011 and raised more than £58,000 for the literacy project.

Louvre’s goat will be designed by Arts for Impact, led by local artist Helen Bonner-Morgan.

Arts for Impact applies creative assets, including skills, processes, infrastructure and social capital, to achieve a societal impact.

By creating opportunities for people in the Bailiwick of Guernsey to both access and participate in high-quality art, Arts for Impact looks to achieve a variety of outcomes, including increasing health and wellbeing, behaviour change and awareness and discussion around the biggest challenges facing the island’s community.

Matthew Gilligan, Associate Director, Louvre, said: “We’re delighted to be taking part in the parade and are so grateful to Arts for Impact for agreeing to be our creative partners.  It’s fantastic that a community project such as the Guernsey Goat Parade can have a wider reach through us partnering with Arts for Impact.”

The goats will be arriving in Guernsey later this month, with the public parade scheduled for June this year.


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