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Louvre raises funds for two Guernsey charities in Terres Challenge

The Louvre Foundation’s fundraising focus for January saw two local charities - the Sarah Groves Foundation and Guernsey Mind - benefit from Louvre’s participation in the Val des Terres Challenge. 

The Challenge provided not only a fundraising initiative but also an opportunity to focus on teamwork and wellness.

Throughout the month of January, Louvre allowed teams to take time out of their day to complete a lap of the course either individually or in groups, with some even running up. 

Louvre Head of HR Kerry Bachelet said: “The challenge has been a really successful initiative for us. Walking up the Terres isn’t something we would really consider in our day-to-day activities but getting out of the office in the fresh air, taking time to work together in a different environment and having a goal to focus on has had lasting benefits to the Louvre team.

“I’m pleased the challenge has provided the Louvre Foundation with the opportunity to raise money for both charities and we are very much looking forward to getting involved again next year.” 

The challenge requires participants to climb the equivalent of Mount Everest, which is 8850 metres above sea level, equating to climbing the Terres 115 times. Louvre’s efforts raised £230 for the charities.

Hundreds of islanders took part in the challenge, raising thousands of pounds for both causes. 

You can find out more about the Sarah Groves Foundation here and Guernsey Mind here.