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Louvre Group is Now Cyber Essentials Certified.

Louvre Group has recently received the Cyber Essentials certification, thus demonstrating the firm’s commitment to cyber security and the protection of their clients’ data.

Cyber Essentials is a simple yet effective UK government-backed scheme that helps protects businesses, whatever the size, against a range of common cyber attacks.

The Cyber Essentials certification covers five main technical controls:

1. Secure internet connection

The company has to demonstrate that it protects its internet connection with a firewall, this creates a ‘buffer zone’ between the IT network and other external networks. This means incoming traffic is analysed as it passes through the ‘buffer zone’ to find out whether or not it should be allowed onto a company’s network.


2. Secure devices and software

New software and devices are often set to the default configurations, with ‘everything on’ making them easily connectable and usable. Unfortunately, these settings also provide cyber attackers with the opportunity to gain unauthorised access.

Checking the settings to raise the levels of security and using passwords will help a firm improve their security.


3. Controlled access to data and services

Controlling who has access to data will minimise the potential damage that could be done if an account is misused or stolen. Staff accounts should have just enough access to software for them to perform their role. Extra permissions should only be given to those who need them.


4. Protection from viruses and other malware

Malware is short for ‘malicious software’. For example, ransomware, which is a form of malware that makes data or systems it has infected unusable - until the victim makes a payment.

Viruses, another well-known form of malware, are programs designed to infect legitimate software, passing unnoticed between machines, anyway that they can.


5. Patching and keeping devices and software up-to-date

It is important to keep any devices whether that is phones, tablets, laptops or computers within the firm up to date at all times with the latest operating systems, installed apps or software.


Kevin Gilligan, Managing Director of Louvre Fund Services, comments; ‘The importance of cyber security cannot be overstated and we are constantly striving to ensure the data we are trusted to look after is as secure as possible.

‘Since the introduction of GDPR earlier this year, we have looked at all our systems to identify any key areas of concern. We are committed to providing the highest standard of service, data integrity and information security for our clients and stakeholders.

‘Achieving this accreditation is a great achievement and benefit to Louvre Group.'