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Companies can be established as a stand-alone vehicle or as part of a larger structure to segregate and control different assets and activities.

With offices in seven international jurisdictions, Louvre Trust can advise clients on the optimal tax residency of their corporate structures.

Louvre’s corporate services include:

  • Company incorporation and administration
  • Corporate governance
  • Secretarial services
  • Provision of directors

The use of a company can help to:

  • Limit liability and separate assets and activities
  • Facilitate the seamless transfer of underlying assets
  • Provide confidentiality within the boundaries of international law and tax transparency
  • Mitigate tax

Types of company and special purpose vehicles:

Limited Liability

Used for a full range of activities from simple asset holding to actively trading companies.

Limited by Guarantee

Ideal for non-profit or charitable operations.


Protected cell companies and incorporated cell companies can separate assets and liabilities and protect individual assets from the creditors of other cells.

Image Rights Company

When an individual’s personal image has a value, the image rights can be owned by a company and the royalties will be subject to corporation tax.

Limited Partnerships

Used extensively in investment funds as ownership structures to hold law and accounting firms.

Louvre can help you choose and establish the right structures. Get in touch.